Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coffee...The new alcohol

Starbucks, Kaldi's, Mudhouse, Caribou Coffee, the crap from the gas station dispensers, plain straight up coffee.  Yes, plain coffee is definitely at the very bottom of the coffee totem pole in my opinion (even below the 7-11 "mochas" out of the machine).  This is my new experience for the day...drinking plain, old-fashioned Folger's coffee brewed in the kitchen at my office.  Not the best new experience.  I would say there is one upside to drinking this sugarless, bitter tasting drink, other than the caffeine.  All the mocha-frappacino-macchiato-skinny-no-whip-grande-coffee drinks have 8 trillion other ingredients in them that no one is really sure of.  What is a macchiato?  How much sugar is in those extra large pumps of flavored syrup? Well, with a cup of straight Folgers, you know exactly what's in  Other than the confidence of knowing precisely what is in your cup, I don't see many upsides to plain coffee.  My advice on this topic is:  Stick with the flavorful mystery coffee drinks unless you are extremely talented and able to chug a large, steaming hot cup of bitter-tasting black liquid in one gulp.  If so, I envy you because you will save money, lose weight, and get your daily caffeine surge.

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